Smoking causes magic

This is amazing:

SALT LAKE CITY — Betty Lawson sat in her wheelchair, hooked up to oxygen Thursday, and said she wishes she'd never picked up that first cigarette when she was 19.

"It's a creeping, insidious thing that has you before you know it, and you can't turn loose," the Midvale woman said.

Lawson, now 86, quit smoking 20 years later, but she has suffered from a multitude of smoking-related health problems. Her doctors say she would probably live to be 104, if it weren't for her lungs.

She started smoking at 19 and gave up at 39. She's had so many smoking related issues since her 20 years of smoking in her youth, that so far she has only made it to 86 and may not live to see 104.

Fuck me!


proglodyte said...

Wonder if some kind of wank equation has been applied to arrive at 104? Are they implying that never smokers aged 86 can expect another 18 years? Then again, perhaps her mother did make 104.

Bucko The Moose said...

I think it's a way of refuting those stories about smokers who live to ripe old ages. Just ignore long lived smokers and say that they would have lived even longer if they never smoked.