How much could you save?

Cost biggest reason to quit smoking

And whose fucking fault is that? The anti smokers with their ever increasing demands for higher taxes, that's who.

34% [of smokers] said they feel guilty about the amount they spend on cigarettes, according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

What is the key point there? They still spend it. The draconian tax rises have not forced smokers to quit, they've just made them feel bad about themselves. The Tobacco Control Industry hates smokers. First they pile on the taxes, then they pile on the guilt about how much we spend.

Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the BHF, said: "These figures reveal the emotional burden smokers endure by feeling guilty about the impact their addiction has on family life and their finances.

Again I ask, 'Dr' Knapton, whose fucking fault is that?

A person who smokes 20 cigarettes a day would save themselves 2,555 pounds a year if they quit

Erm, no they wouldn't. We all have something called an entertainment budget. This is the money we have left to spend on life's pleasures after the bills have been paid. If a smoker was to quit the fags, the extra entertainment money would go on something else pleasurable.

Here's an example from the Filthy Engineer.

Click to biggen

A quarter of smokers claim that the cost of their habit is a bigger motivator to quit than implications for their health.
A poll of 2,000 smokers found that 25% reported they are more inclined to kick the habit because of money over the effects on their long-term health.

You know why that is? Smokers are hit hard in the pocket on a daily basis because of stupidly high tax. That's an immediate, negative effect of smoking.

They are also hit with a daily message of ever more idiotic claims about future health hazards, This is a possible negative future effect that sounds more bollocks by the day.

The money we have to pay for a pack of fags is tangible and immediate. The smoking causes every disease under the sun message, is not very believable anymore. Of course smokers are more likely to consider quitting because of money rather than 'health issues'.

As part of its 30th annual No Smoking Day campaign, the charity is calling on smokers to "swap fags for swag" and think about how much money they could save if they quit.

Wow! What an amazingly original slogan. Maybe smokers just want to be left alone to spend their hard earned money on whatever the hell they choose?

Speaking of the BHF...

...Last year I was emailing my local MP, Jake Berry, about minimum alcohol pricing. Unfortunately he is fully behind the idea and I couldn't change his mind.

For some reason I am now on his emailing list.

I got this from him last week:

Dear Bucko

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that there are still a few days left to support National Heart Month. Heart disease is the UK's biggest killer and I've been doing my bit to support the event by volunteering at the British Heart Foundation Shop on Market Street in Darwen.

They're always after good quality donations of clothes and items to sell, so if you're planning a clear out, please bear them in mind. You can find out more information at

Kind regards


My reply was short and polite:

Hi Jake

Thanks for the note.
Unfortunately I stopped having anything to do with the British Heart Foundation after they got behind the call for a ban on smoking in cars.
All my donations now go elsewhere.

Enjoy the volunteering.


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