Heaven 17 join the Tobacco Control Industry

Synth pop stars Heaven 17 back illicit tobacco campaign

I thought they were both dead! Seriously though, what are Heaven 17 famous for? Temptation. About seven years ago, a chap who drank in a pub I worked in went to a Heaven 17 concert. The Lead singer descended from the sky for the beginning of Temptation and apparently it was amazing. The trouble was, that lasted about a minute and the rest of the concert was mediocre at best.

Anyway, this isn't about their musical ability, it's about this:

THE 80’s new wave synth band Heaven 17 are backing the Lancashire Evening Post’s Don’t Let Them Make a Packet campaign.

This campaign is about stopping illegal tobacco from flooding Britains streets. I'm so glad to hear that an eighties pop band are fronting a campaign to introduce sensible measures to prevent illegal, imported tobacco, such as reasonable taxation levels that will allow smokers to afford to buy their tobacco legally, in England.

Are they bollocks! They're fronting another Tobacco Control Industry bandwagon.

Singer Glenn Gregory, 54, heard about the e-petition through a friend and is urging people not to give into “Temptation” when offered illicit tobacco products for cheap prices.

He is particularly concerned at dealers targeting young people.

The father-of-two said: “It’s bad enough that young people are targeted at all regarding tobacco products, but to try and coerce them into using fake tobacco products is wrong and should be made illegal.”

Erm. It is illegal, dickhead.

The band, fronted by Gregory and Martyn Ware, has posted the link to the e-petition, which calls for tougher action on criminal peddling and smuggling illegal tobacco products, on Heaven 17’s Facebook page.

It came ahead of the band’s concert in Lancashire at Blackburn’s King George’s Hall on February 22.

Really? They're coming to Blackburn? If I thought I could get anywhere near them, I would pop down and ask them to sign the Hands Off Our Packs petition.

The Sheffield band, which is best known for hits Temptation, Come Live With Me and Let Me Go, will also perform at The 80’s Strikes Back concert in Lytham St Anne’s on August 2.

*Blatant plug*

The “Don’t Let Them Make a Packet” campaign is also backed by Lancashire police, the fire service, Lancashire Trading Standards, Crimestoppers, Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust, Preston Council and pressure group Tobacco Free Futures, as well as figures from the tobacco industry.

It highlights how the county’s criminal underworld is profiting from smuggling illicit cigarettes and tobacco into the county and selling them on the black market, often to the most vulnerable and impressionable in our society – with the biggest victims feared to be young people.

Oh pweeeeeese! Must every crappy campaign invoke the 'The Most Vulnerable in society' and 'The Children'? What are the most vulnerable in society actually vulnerable to?

White van man sells fags to smokers who don't want to pay the stupid price you pay in shops. He doesn't have any rules or regulations to comply to, granted, but that's why we buy from him. Cheap fags and no questions asked.

Actual fake fags are vile, I'll grant you that, but fake ciggies are just another symptom of the same problem. If you raise tax too high, people will go elsewhere.

If you want a campaign to cut imported and fake fags, campaign against punitive ciggy tax.

Don't give in to 'Temptation' when offered a much cheaper alternative? Heaven 17, off you fuck!