Friday tunes - Paxo outrage night

After Jeremy Paxman became the brunt of a very lame Twitter storm for 'berating' some guy who got a question wrong, I decided tonights them could be education.

First up is the obvious all time classic, Another Brick in the Wall. This could also be included in another theme I once did, Songs that should never be covered.

This next one could have been my selection from a couple of weeks ago, Leather and Spandex.

And this one could have been in Dance Like Yer Dad.

This version of the same song has pretty poor audio but it's the first time I've seen a video to that song.

This one could have been in a selection called Total Pants or Pass the Vomit Bucket, but I never did either.

Back to reality, and this is another one that I would call a classic. Of course it's also relevant to another story that's always in the news these days - The Peado witch hunt.

Any why not?

And as always, comedy follows music. Microdave has some tasty treats in store tonight.


James Higham said...

Hey, what is it with you two guys? Just came over here from there and am referred back there. Some sort of endless loop I suppose .....

Bucko The Moose said...

We've signed a Mobius Pact...