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Angry People in Local Newspapers is on a roll today. He's got three stories up, back to back, that are all worthy of a mention. I did have a post on poverty ready for tonight, but instead I'll leave it for the weekend.

First up, the man who missed out on a hot date with an internet bird after being followed about town by the fag police.

A MAN who was pursued through town and threatened with arrest by the "fag butt police" missed out on a hot date as a result.

Ian Butcher was waiting for a bus in Folkestone, en route to see a woman he had met online, when XFor officers swooped on January 4. The 44-year-old said he felt "intimidated and victimised" by their manner – and that he had not even dropped any litter.

We can all start to expect more of this nonsense. A group of thugs with powers to issue tickets, who get paid for every one they issue.

"I do smoke but I hadn't been smoking. I'd had one in the pub garden, then walked up to the bus station. The next thing, I was accused of dropping rubbish.

"I asked them to point out which cigarette end they were saying I'd dropped and they refused. I'd have thought that with no proof, they'd have to drop it but then they started threatening me with arrest."

They don't even need proof. They don't even care about proof. Point out the fag butt I dropped is a reasonable request. If they refuse to do that, the ticket surely can't be lawful?

A Shepway District Council spokesman said: "We do not believe our enforcement officers acted in an intimidating way. They will respond appropriately. If Mr Butcher believes the fixed penalty should not have been issued, he could allow the matter to go to court and plead not guilty."

Obviously not. They can fine you and take you to court without even attempting to get proof that you have broken the law. And we all know what the outcome would be if this does go to court, don't we boys and girls.

The father-of-two has been given the video taken by one of the XFor officers that day. It shows him getting on to the bus while the officer informs a passer-by he is "having someone arrested".

Mr Butcher then gets off the bus and walks away towards Grace Hill. The officers following can be heard to say: "You're just making an idiot of yourself" and "you're being a pain in the a***".

Eventually, the group meets a police officer, called by XFor, to whom Mr Butcher gives his details.

Mr Butcher said: "I thought people were innocent until proven guilty and as they couldn't prove it, everything from the start on is victimisation and harassment – I hadn't even dropped litter.

How did we allow a police state to develop? I hope these XFor goons are employed in Darwen soon. I for one would welcome our new fag butt overlords. It would make for some interesting blog posts.

Next we have the chap who goes to court to have his porn returned by the police. This one didn't half make oi larf.

A DISABLED man with a liking for pornography took the police to court to demand they return his huge collection of explicit adult movies.

Police arrested Anthony Gerrard, right, three times on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children, seizing six PCs and laptops.

Out of the many gigabytes of porn this man amassed, they did find 11 pictures that might have been underage porn.

Although 11 illegal pictures were found on four hard drives, they had been downloaded automatically to parts of the computers Mr Gerrard could not have accessed without specialist tools or techniques.

Not pressing any charges, officers returned two of the computers but kept the ones containing child pornography and took Mr Gerrard to court for the forfeiture and destruction of the hard drives.

You see, they didn't get him for child porn, but to them, all porn is sinful. They decided they were going to destroy his collection anyway, but he fought the law... and the law won.

Police are not allowed to return hard drives with child pornography on them, because they would then be distributing illegal material.

Mr Gerrard, of Broadfield Road, Knowle, argued they could have deleted the child pornography or transferred them to another device and given him the adult images back.

Digital evidence recovery officer Scott Eggins told the court: "Deletion in a computer sense is a very complicated matter. There is no such thing as a permanent deletion on computers unfortunately – or fortunately. There is no way of permanently deleting it, short of putting it through a shredder."

If this officers speciality really is digital evidence recovery, then that statement is a bare faced lie. It's very easy to destroy digital files on a hard disk.

When you delete a file, all that really happens is the filename is removed. This leaves the information on the disk, but if the disk space is needed, the computer will write over it because the filename has gone.

To remove it completely you need to overwrite the data with something else. There are many free programs you can download from the internet to do this.

"I paid £40 for a month's subscription to a website and I was downloading films from it day and night. I wanted to get my money's worth.

"I'm not interested in child porn. I don't think it's fair they are keeping my computers when I haven't done anything illegal.

"They cost me a couple of thousand pounds in total. Every time the police took two computers away, I would buy another two."

Mr Gerrard, who has been married four times and is estranged from his son, added: "The good thing about having a computer is you can switch it off when you've finished – you can't switch off a wife."

I love this guy.

And finally we have another one who contests parking tickets by first going to the papers.

SOUTH Lakeland District Council has apologised and backed down after issuing a parking ticket to a motorist who had crashed in the snow.

Catherine Niblock, 26, was issued the penalty after being forced to abandon her car on Friday night, when heavy snow sent it hurtling into another vehicle on Beast Banks, Kendal.

The PE teacher explained she was left ‘hysterical and shaken’ after the incident.

Passers-by who saw the crash rushed to her aid, helping her push the Peugeot on to the nearby Low Fellside car park, run by SLDC for permit holders.

Normally I would have a bit of sympathy for the driver, considering my pathological hatred of council jobsworths.

Not in this case though. She's another one of those who has to overstate the proverbial molehill. She didn't crash her car and think, "Oh crap! There goes my no claims". She was hysterical and shaken.

There's only one way to deal with hysterical women:

Also, notice how it was heavy snow that sent her car hurtling down the street? Well according to the total fisking she takes in the comments, the hill she was on is so steep, she had no business driving down it in that kind of weather.

She crashed into someone elses car, causing them a whole heap of grief, because of her own stupidity.

I'm quite content to put the ticket down to the same reason.


Timbo614 said...

>> There is no such thing as a permanent deletion on computers unfortunately...

I wish! And I bet millions of others wish it too!

As you say there are lots of file erasers out there that will go to "n" levels of overwrite without waiting for the O/S to get around it - even the military can't get it back after seven levels!

Mr Gerrard gets my vote :)

It's my porn and I want it back!!!


Bucko The Moose said...

Yep. Not many folk would go to court and the papers to get their porn back.

What a guy!

Anonymous said...

Dear The Moose

"Although 11 illegal pictures were found on four hard drives, they had been downloaded automatically to parts of the computers Mr Gerrard could not have accessed without specialist tools or techniques."

This is why possession is an essential tool of a police state. It means the "authorities" can stitch up whomever they please whenever they please. There is a reasonable probability that anyone who stands for election will automatically be targetted by the "security services" and have their drives seeded with "illegal" images in difficult to reach places so that they can be taken down if the powers-that-like-to-think-they-be choose to.

Note that the images were not of children under 18:

"After viewing the questionable images, Judge Lambert and the justices ruled that, on the balance of probabilities, the images were "indecent" and showed eight girls and three boys under 18."

Whatever happened to proof beyond all reasonable doubt? This was the criminal standard - now it's "balance of probabilities" according to Judge Lambert. Very handy to be applied to people the "authorities" don't like this week.

The child pornography legislation is a secret policeman's wetdream of opinion dressed as fact: 'child pornography' includes 20 somethings who look 5 to 10 years younger, and drawings which aren't actually real human beings. Large sections of our law have evolved this way in recent times.

This is the result of big government employing millions more people than there work for them to do, so they have to invent it, and that means constant harassment, hectoring, nannying and persecution for fake crimes by bored 'public servants' across a broad swathe of everyday life.

Have a read of the American Declaration of Independence. Count how many of the 'Facts' apply to us today.*

More of the same until the oil runs out, when people will have to start working hard again;then it will get much worse. Don't think the 'public servants' will like that much, so they'll get someone else to slave for them - 'community service' aka 'gulag lite'.

Time to draft our own Declaration.


* Quick count - 8 in place, 5 in progress

Bat E said...

I followed a link from Microdave's Friday Funnies and was shocked to find a fellow Darrener who can put words together and spell and everything.

I just thought I'd say hello and tell you I've enjoyed what I've read so far.

Bucko The Moose said...

DP - Well said. All of it. I'll pay some attention to the link this weekend, thanks

Bucko The Moose said...

Bat E - Thanks for dropping by, and I'm glad you like it.
A Darrener eh? Feel free to buy me a pint if you see me drinking in the Catholic club.
I'll be the handsome one at the bar supping a pint of John Smiths and complaining about the smoking ban.

Bat E said...

Would you believe, I've lived in Darwen all my life and never been in the Catholic Club? If I ever end up there, I'll be sure to look and listen out for you.

My local is being turned into apartments as we speak. Great eh?

I have lovely memories of being able to sit down, in the warm, and have a cigarette. You find more people outside than in pubs these days - including the non-smokers.

Bucko The Moose said...

So true Bat E. We stopped going to the pub as a family because we all had to keep standing outside.

The Catholic Club is very quiet these days but that's how we like it. The pool table is always free :-)

What was your local? The Punch Bowl? Cemetery?

Bat E said...

The Cem. We (husband and I) used to go there regularly but usually separately. We just reached the stage where the kids were old enough to be left home alone and the bloody thing closed. The Park is too far to walk in heels :D

Bucko The Moose said...

Bollocks isn't it. We used to go to the White Lion all the time when Mick had it and then Sam. After it shut because of the smoking ban we stopped going to pubs for ages.
The need for a social pint found us going to the Catholic Club cos it's in walking distance. (White Lion opened again but it was pants)
Now we are kind of regulars but we don't go to the pub anywhere near as often as we used to.

microdave said...

"They had been downloaded automatically to parts of the computers Mr Gerrard could not have accessed without specialist tools or techniques"

That just shows how ignorant the Bill are. A visit to the "Browser Tools" section of this site: reveals Cache Viewers for all the major browsers. Freeware as well! Furthermore CCleaner will clean these locations if the appropriate box is ticked, and you can opt for it to wipe the space rather than just mark it as deleted...

Bat E said...

At least there's somewhere decent for the younger ones to go these days. The Bridgewater is extremely popular and it is a nice place but not one where you would just sit and chat.

Bucko The Moose said...

Microdave - The plod do seem to be willfully ignorant in this article. Maybe it's just a case of, we have his computer and we're not giving it back?

Bucko The Moose said...

Bat E - It's chav city in the Bridgewater. I worked there on the bar for a while a few years back. Good times