Vote now! The sugary tax poll

Vote here

The Nos need a bit of help


The Filthy Engineer said...

Done. Voted NO.

I see you're being infested with spam as well.

Bucko The Moose said...

Nice one.

The spam filter seems to get them all. Unfortunately those who have subscribed to the comments, still get the email

Lord Galleywood said...

Job done, now to spread it around a tad.

Bucko The Moose said...

Far and wide, Lord G :-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

People are voting yes? Good grief.

(done, by the way)

Humph said...

In some ways I wanted to vote yes as I fucking hate the insipid bastard stuff , especially Coke. However, as the halfwitted morons who have come up with this goat- felch of an idea are doing it simply to raise tax, something I will always infinitely loathe far more than any gaseous liquid, I obviously voted nay.

Why do we have so many contemptible cunts in this country with equally contemptible ideas?