Saturday bollocks

Went clay pigeon shooting this afternoon. It's been a while and you could tell from my performance. I didn't bother counting how many of my fifty clay targets I actually hit; it was so low as to be negligible.

The club I used to visit, which has since shut down, had a nice easy down the line range and I was actually getting quite good on it. This new club is a full sporting layout with no DTL and it's bloody difficult.

I was watching a guy on the trap I was waiting for, and he moaned because he missed one shot. It's cause for celebration if I hit one.

I had to stop at my mums on the way home, so rather than leave the guns in my car I took them in with me. I figured that in the area my mum lives in, it wouldn't hurt for the neighbours to see her son carrying guns into the house, particularly with the current gun control madness.

Some of those chavs are probably unaware the gun ownership, albeit limited, is still legal in the UK.

That's one of the things I like most about clay pigeon shooting, being in the company of a group of people all holding various shotguns. Maybe if some of these anti gun nuts could experience that it would alleviate some of their fears.

On to other things, we're off for a family meal tonight. We intend to eat like pigs. The last time we went on a family meal, me and Mrs Bucko only ordered the cheapest stuff on the menu because we were skint. When the bill came, some bright spark said, "Let's just split it eight ways". Bollocks!

It's going to be steaks all round tonight.

One day I want to be eating things I've shot myself but I don't know anyone with any land. It would probably be frowned upon if I went shooting rabbits on the local park.

I would probably be tasered because the local bobby mistook my 12 gauge for a samurai sword. Or something...

Anyway, I need to get myself looking respectable for this evening so I had better start now.

Happy Saturday!


Highland Cooncil said...

If you shoot it.
Eat it,
says I.

Dioclese said...

I was a county level shot at standard pistol ( to the uninitiated that's timed firing into a turning target with a non-exotic pistol. Mine was a .22 Browning )

Some cunt walked into a school in Dunblane with a load of guns he should never have been allowed to own due to police incompetence (forget James Bond. You can't hit shit at ten metres with a Walther PPK. It's a short range killer and this bastard should never have been allowed to own one and others )

The result of this is that hand gun ownership in the UK was made illegal.

Of course you can still saunter across to the good old EU and buy one over the counter and bring it back across the channel in your pocket - or, if you want to rob a bank, the going rate down Fulham way is £1,000 for a pistol and six rounds of ammo.

And if you don't fire it, then you can get £500 back when you return it.

So what exactly was the point of banning them in the first place????

Bucko The Moose said...

Highland Cooncil - I ain't eating clay pigeons and that's all I've shot so far. And not many of them :-)

Bucko The Moose said...

The point of banning them was to disarm us. Nothing to do with crime.

And a Beretta was £500 when I was 17. I never actually saw one, just heard about it. Some guy offered me one down the pub but £500 quid was about a years wage to me. He was also offering hand grenades for a tenner (Might have been bollocks, I don't know)