Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the dumbest of them all?

Close shave for Easton family as mirror sets fire to towel

A FAMILY had a lucky escape when a beam of sunlight reflected off a shaving mirror – sending a bathroom towel up in flames.

Now I would never call someone dumb for that, it was a freak accident, no ones fault, unforeseeable. (Is that a word? It is now)

After checking the electrics, investigators believe the fire had been started by sun reflecting onto the towel from a nearby high-magnification shaving mirror.

I mean what are the odds?

No. I would never call someone dumb for being a victim of such a freak occurrence. You know what I would call them dumb for though?

Can you guess?

Mrs Liew's mother Kathy Crossthwaite, of Hotwells said she believed that warnings should be put on shaving mirrors to make people aware of the potential danger.

She said: "These magnifying mirrors are common now in many bathrooms and can be bought very cheaply.

"I feel that the public need to be warned of this fire hazard risk, and perhaps manufacturers should put a warning on their mirrors.

"They put warning signs on cups of coffee to say they are hot so why not explain the fire risk on bathroom mirrors?"

That's right! I'd call someone very dumb for suggesting warnings should be put on shaving mirrors.

If she is correct and they really do put warnings on coffee cups (Probably take-away ones) then that is no reason to put them on shaving mirrors, it's a reason to stop putting them on coffee cups.

(No chins were nicked while making this blog post)

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Longrider said...

She's from Hotwells, whaddya expect?