They want to give Jimmy Saville another knighthood so they can take it off him. Apparently you can't strip a dead person of a knighthood, and Jimmys went when he died.

So they want to give him another so they can publicly take it away. But he will still be dead? So how can they take it away?

This is the level of stupidity that our country has sunk to.

He's been convicted in the court of public opinion for abusing 500 people. That's 1 new person every week for ten years. That's some going.

I don't believe a word of it.


PJH said...

Well technically, they can't strip him of his knighthood, because the knighthood doesn't actually exist post-mortem.

All the newspapers have to do is stop prepending 'Sir' to his name (if they haven't already.)

I don't know why they don't just posthumously execute (Olly Cromwell being the most famous example) him and be done with it, and get on with reporting the news.

Bucko The Moose said...

Reporting the news? I think they've forgotten how.

Fahrenheit211 said...

There is something nagging at me about the Savile case. Yes he was dodgy, yes he was, on a balance of probabilies basis, a nonce, but can't believe that if he had abused that many people over that length of time that people would have come forward whilst he was alive.

Yes he had a reputation as a hard case in his youth but why wasn't this avalanche of cases coming to light when he was old and any power he is alleged to have, spent?

Although I believe that Savile is guilty of sexual offences, I can't help thinking that some of those who are making complaints are confusing the word 'closure' with 'cash'.

Savile's alleged interest in necrophillia was a joke going round in the 80's/90's especially among journalist friends. Why therefore were there also not jokes and scuttlebutt about Savile and children?

Why did these alleged victims not come forward when Savile was interviewed by Louis Theroux when Savile said: 'I'm feared in every girls school in England', why did this comment not encourage alleged victims to come forward?

I think there are victims of Savile out there, but I question the motives of those who have come forward. I've grown cynical over the years and I believe that there is more driving some of these complaints and allegations than just 'healing'.

Also, part of the reason why the leftist media may be highlighting Savile, is it is a child sex story that distracts the public's attention from the rash of Islamic grooming gangs that were coming to light just as the Savile case broke.

Bucko The Moose said...

I think the definition of a sexual offence has probably changed a lot since his day.
I bet the things the stars got up to with the fans were fairly normal back then, but now, just looking at a younger bird is a hanging offence.

Good point that it all blew up around the time of the Rochdale scandal. What a good way to hide what the buggers are up to. Can't offend the muslims now, can we.