Friday Tunes - Dance like yer dad revisited

A quick one tonight, I've only just got home from work. The snow started in earnest (Poor Earnest) at 4pm. By 5pm it was chaos. A twenty minute journey has just taken me two hours.

I had loads of trouble getting home in the Probe. I never expected it to behave like a snow mobile, but I wasn't prepared for how crap it actually is.

I spun out on a hill and couldn't get traction again. Suddenly there was a group of lads pushing me up the hill. I've never been so happy to see a gang of chavs.

In return I gave my bag of salt to a chap in a mini van who must have dug out at least 200 yards in front with a spade.

No time to do a proper music session tonight, I'm off to the pub to enjoy the bar banter with the few lads who will make it out in this.

Instead I give you the original, 'Dance like yer Dad', from the days of the Moose.

Hope you enjoy.

As always, plenty of laughs to be had over at Max's gaff, courtesy of Microdave.
Tonight there's pussy. 

*Update* I went to the pub to see who had made it out and the landlady hadn't even made it. The place was shut. No stamina, some folk.


James Higham said...

Nice one. Make sure you go to Microdave's.

Bucko The Moose said...

Wouldn't miss it

microdave said...

What happened to the pub landlord/lady actually living ON the premises - or am I being old fashioned?

Bucko The Moose said...

Our local is a WMC so I think the correct term is steward. I'm just being lazy by calling her a landlady.