Re-education for smokers (In the land of the free)

It's not just that smoking in a non-smoking area is breaking a rule, it's that the actual act of smoking itself is wrong. Breaking the non-smoking area rule simply identifies you as a smoker to the people who know better than you.

They can then step in and 'help' you.

Students at Ohio University could be forced to attend mandatory re-education classes if they are caught flouting the campus's smoking ban.
The university in Athens plans to outlaw the use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes on any part of the 1,850-acre public campus during the 2015-16 academic year.
If caught smoking, students could be made to attend a series of smoking cessation programs and classes to help them quit.

I know the International Tobacco Control Conglomerate can be pretty hideous at times, but this is the first time I've heard the word 'Re-Education' being used. It's not unexpected though and what's also not unexpected is that this comes from America, the land of the free.

What baffles me is the inclusion of e-cigarettes. Why send someone caught smoking an e-cigarette to smoking cessation classes? Are they not already doing that?

Students who repeatedly refuse to abide by the ban will be sent to the taxpayer-funded university's Office of Community Stands to 'talk to somebody'.
Those who wish to quit smoking will be offered health-insurance-covered smoking cessation classes, said Mr Lombardi.

But those who continue flouting the campus ban could also be forced to attend the classes.

Students can be a troublesome bunch. I wonder how they plan to drag offenders of to re-education class and keep them there. Gunpoint?

However, he said he did not wish for the campus to 'become a police state', (Too Late - B) and that students who refuse to be re-educated would not be expelled.

Huh? So it's not compulsory then?


South Benders see sense. But the war goes on.

I spotted an article on an American website a few weeks ago. The town of South Bend (I've never heard of it either) in St Joseph County were about to vote on a smoking ban that probably would have closed all their pubs.

One councilwoman who had her name on the proposal, actually took the time to speak with local business owners. After doing so, she promptly removed her name from the proposal.

Councilwoman Valerie Schey was the key vote on the issue, after she asked to be withdrawn as a sponsor of the bill last week. Schey said she had a change of heart after meeting with South Bend bar owners and learning more about the economic impact a bill would have on them.

Well they had their vote:

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After months of debate, the South Bend Common Council voted 5-4 to reject a proposed smoking ban Monday night.

That's 5 for sense and 4 for propaganda.

[...] the large crowd of Smoke Free St. Joe supporters left the meeting disappointed. They've been pushing for a ban for years, only to have it defeated, once again.

And there lies the problem. This isn't the first time a smoking ban has been voted out and it won't be the last time it comes before the council.

If the tobacco controllers loose one vote, all they do is tweak the proposal a little and push it again. But the minute they win, that will be the last time it's ever voted on. They will scream from the rooftops that this is what the people wanted and it was democratically voted for.

They wear the system down until they win. That's not democracy. They should not get another chance after the first vote is cast. At least not until a significant change in necessity can be demonstrated. Something that is unlikely for a pub smoking ban.

Once the law is voted in, and it probably will be eventually, the bar owners won't be able push for a repeal, time and time again.

It's also happening in another American town called Lubbock.

For more than just health reasons, the West Texas Smoke-Free Coalition again asked the Lubbock City Council to completely ban smoking at local businesses.

Again. They asked again. The answer should be a resounding NO! We've been through this already, so NO!

Another problem lies with the bar owners (some of them) themselves. After reading the South Bend article it seems clear that some of them think a smoking ban would be ok as long as one was in force in neighbouring towns also. They think the customers would migrate from their newly non-smoking bars, to others in nearby towns.

They want a level playing field.

Someone needs to have a word with these people. Customers certainly do migrate when smoking bans come in, but if there are no other smoking pubs to go to, they simply migrate home and drink there. It has happened everywhere a smoking ban has come in.

The pubs close.

South Bend may have won this battle, but the war is far from over. The Tobacco Control Industry will see to that.

There are millions of pounds to be made from the war on smoking. They can't give up.

The burning leaf

Cannabis could be used to reduce tumour growth in cancer patients, scientists have said.

Well shut my mouth!

One bit of burning leaf that we all know and many of us love, apparently causes cancer.

Another bit of burning leaf that's probably just as popular, even though it's against the law to smoke it, cures cancer.

So which burning leaf to choose? Choices, choices.

Maybe both?

"Cancer patients should not use cannabis to self-medicate"

 Of course not. I saw that coming.

There's no-one the public health loons won't target + Ex Mus Con Cash

Ramadan. A time of feasting and binge eating in honour of a sky pixie dreamt up a few hundred years ago when people were actually primitive enough to believe in such claptrap.

Oh well, it's their religion, let them crack on with it?

A ‘Fit Squad’ is aiming to support people to stay healthy during Ramadan.


A 'Fit Squad'? Doesn't that just sound like a bunch of busy bodies in identical jogging suits?

The group, which has been set up by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, provides healthy lifestyle and weight management advice and is encouraging people to stay healthy during Ramadan and avoid putting weight on.

Busy bodies they are! I'm no fan of Islam and it's traditions, so it seems weird speaking out on their behalf, yet what a load of bollocks. A taxpayer funded group of bellends who exist to target Muslims during the month of Ramadan and bully them about putting on weight.

How much fucking weight can you put on in a month?

The trust said that for many, this is a time for families and friends to come together and share evening meals and when temptation to overindulge ‘may be present’.

Fuck me! The temptation to overindulge 'may be present'? This is a time for friends and families to come together, so let's send a group of track suited fuckwits round to spoil their bloody evening.

What will these tossers do when Ramadan finishes? Visit childrens birthday parties and confiscate the jelly and iced cream? After all, the 'temptation to overindulge' may be present.

Health lifestyles practitioner Jenny Broom said:

Health Lifestyles Practitioner? If any such Nazi tomfoolery ever ends up on a business card of mine, I think I'd rather eat a shotgun.

“During Ramadan it can be tempting when having the evening meal to indulge in traditional foods which can be high in fat content.

'Tempting' to indulge in traditional foods? It's not tempting, that's what they do. That's ALL they do. Get together and eat some traditional nosh, whilst wailing the latest top ten Ramadana - sing - a - long.

Get over it!

“However, by simply changing the cooking method, for example baking or grilling meat and fish instead of frying it, and shallow frying pastries, this can help to reduce the fat content of the meal and help you stay healthy.”

Maybe they don't want to change the way they cook their traditional grub? Maybe they've been cooking this chow for so long that they quite possibly think they know best about cooking methods and think these righteous cretins should fuck the fuck off and leave them alone to put on a couple of pounds during the holy moley month if they damn well see fit.

That's what I think, ahyhoo.

And elsewhere in loony public sector land:

£15,000 for UCLan Muslim offenders scheme

Fifteen grand for people leaving prison, but only if they're Muslims.

A NEW project to help the rising number of Muslim ex-offenders reintegrate into their community has been awarded a £15,000 grant.
The University of Central Lancashire Reaching Out rehabilitation and reintegration scheme has already received backing from Ministry of Justice and department of Business Innovation and Skills.

The new funding from both the Lancashire Probation Trust and NHS England will focus on specific and individual needs of the service users in order to help them to avoid re-offending.

I assume a 'service user' is a PC term for the ex-cons they are dealing with. Sorry, reaching out to.

And what the frig is help to avoid re-offending. Just don't do it again.

Dr Christine Hough, lecturer in education at the school of education and social science at UCLan, said: “I am very proud to be involved in this project which provides a unique level of specialist support for vulnerable BME offenders. “Never before has the rehabilitation and social re-integration of this cohort of offenders been more critical.”

Why are these people vulnerable and what are they vulnerable to? If they are ex-cons then I would say we are the ones who are vulnerable to them. What a bunch of loonie leftie, PC, pass the sick bag, bollocks.

And it's racist.

(The comments are scathing.)

Friday Tunes

A short one tonight as I have a lot on. It's going to be another busy weekend.

I'll not stick with the work theme though, rather I'm going back to the theme of songs I've heard on telly programs. Last time it was Supernatural, which was by far the best source of decent music that I've watched, but it's amazing what crops up. Every now and then you hear something you haven't heard before or heard in a long time and it makes you sit up and listen.

Just like this one from Fringe:

Fringe was never really a 'music' telly program and that was the only good tune I remember from it, but for one tune only, I think it was a cracker.

Ally McBeal was good for tunes, although there was way to many chick choon stuff in it. I think this one was my favourite:

It was Robert Downey Jnr who did a rendition of that one. It was in the bar they all went to, below the offices; the bar that began as a piano venue and slowly morphed into some kind of Karaoke bar with no X-Factor wannabees. In fact it was such a popular bar, Barry White and Tina Turner played there. At least it was one of those TV shows where you get used to suspending disbelief from the first episode.

All the shows characters apart from the main one, could actually sing. That's never happened in any office in any country ever.

It was also good for some weird stuff.

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