I bet Virgin are in the papers tomorrow

About an hour ago I received an email from Virgin telling me about some changes to Google and how it will affect my account.

Two minutes later I got eighty replies to the same email. Now it's topped two hundred.

It seems that Virgin sent the email to everyone on their database but left everyones address visible. Since then, folk have been replying to the email and the reply hits everyone on the ist.

It's been interesting. Some people have simply been requesting the emails stop. Some are confused. Some are threatening Virgin with legal action. Some are OUTRAGED! Some are:

Talking about toast
Taking the opportunity to advertise their business, website or bog.
Hooking up (Or trying to)
Talking about dinosaurs
Sharing their CV
Having a general banter with folk they don't know from Adam
Sharing Youtube vids
Promotion their bands.
Plugging online petitions

It's become like a crazy Twitter for Virgin email users and quite frankly, I feel privileged to have been a part of it.

Here's some examples:

1. cold toast is better
2. i went to the shop and i bought a: pepperami and.....a scotch egg (next)
3. dating- I'm 5'11, ginger hair and pretty ugly.any takers?
4.I'm after a Suzuki Wagon with tax and mot. prefer 54 plate onwards below 50k miles who's got one l can buy?

Good times!


On the opening of the new Pound Pub and the accompanying moral outrage:

Meanwhile, at least four times as many people were drinking at a nearby Wetherspoons pub, The Thomas Sheraton, this afternoon (Monday), despite a pint of Fosters being sold at £2.05 a pint, 55p more than PoundPub.
Price, clearly, isn’t everything.

 But neither is evidence these days. Pound Pub is bad, m'kay.

How they think

Apparently there is a league table for the number of takeaways in each town. (And they tell us it's the smokers who cost the NHS money)

Anyway, our general area did not do very well (apparently more takeaways is bad and less is good) as we have oodles of food outlets. One of the local health quango nutjobs was asked for a quote:

Mohammed Iqbal, deputy chairman of Lancashire County Council’s health scrutiny committee, said: “People need to be more aware of healthy eating but at the end of the day it’s their own choice. 

 Not bad so far? Freedom to choose and all that?

“If someone wants to go to the takeaway after a night out there’s very little you can do to stop them. 

 Nah! Of course not. "It's their own choice" is simply a statement of fact. Mr Iqbal would take that choice away in a heartbeat if he could, but so far, there's 'little he can do'.

There should be nothing he can do, as what people choose to eat is none of his business, none of the councils business and none of the governments business.

“It’s quite difficult to curb the number because of the planning process.”

The panning process means you can't simply so no, there's too many. The planning process allows for market forces to dictate the number of similar outlets a town can sustain and prevents council planners circumventing those forces.

I'm sure that pubic health busybodies would prefer it if planners could arbitrarily refuse permission based only on the opinions of those who are paid by the government in taxpayers money to hold those opinions.

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Little Hitlers

CONWAY, Ark. — A woman was arrested and charged with child endangerment after she allegedly breastfed her baby while drinking alcohol at a restaurant in Arkansas, according to ABC News.

Tasha Adams was in Conway for a funeral when she and her family stopped to eat dinner. She said she had “two beers” and breastfed her baby while at the restaurant, according to the report.

An off-duty waitress, who had showed up early for an after-hours meeting, reported Adams to management but was told the manager already decided not to “cut off” the woman.

After discussing the incident with her mom, the waitress decided to call police.

This woman was actually arrested for child endangerment, but the charges were eventually dropped. Land of the free?

The waitress told ABC she was fired as a result of the incident.

Good riddance